Sunday Photo Challenge


To give all the rowing crews something less exhausting to do on the Sunday this year (or to give all the supporters and club members who did not get a row in this years race the chance to get on the water over the weekend) we're organising a photography challenge on the River. The goal is to visit all the historic and architectural sites on a list which will be published ahead of the race (with bits of info fact fans!) and take a photo to prove it

At the end of the day we'll give out prizes to following categories:

  • Best overall photo (awarded on the basis of artistic and aesthetic quality)

  • Funniest photo

  • Best photograph of a fellow boat and crew

  • Best selfie (photograph must include at least part of the photographers face)

  • Best photograph of Clyde wildlife (Believe it or not, there is wildlife along the Clyde)

The event is untimed but it'll take about and the sites can be visited in any order but it'll be about an hour's relaxed rowing to see them all. Boats must be out of the water, the organisers informed and photographs submitted no later than 1500. 

Photographs can be taken on your phone or with a digital camera and then submitted to us either to online or in person at the registration point. 

Boats taking part do not have to come out of the water at the end of Castle to Crane but can moor up on pontoon space indicated in your entry pack - you'll get off the water faster after the big race and not have to haul your boat around!

If you'd like to take part just tell us you name, club and boat name below and we'll know which boats to direct towards pontoons on saturday afternoon. 

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