In the Bar Marquee we'll have music all weekend long including young band Osier, the wonderful Muldoon's Picnic, the multifarious Arkansas Ramblers, rocking tunes from Public House Orchestra and our Saturday night headliners are Glasgow Favourites The Trongate Rum Riots




In a couple of marquees we'll have a whole range of exciting things to do and get involved with. 
GalGael Trust volunteers will be offering hands on 'have a go' boatbuilding activities suitable for anyone. If you've ever wanted to try your hand at shaping a plank or caulking a hull that's the place to be. 

Tall Ship staff and volunteers will be demonstrating boatbuilding skills and running workshops 

Scottish Maritime Museum will be bringing the legendary Fife motor launch 'Seamew' along and talking about their work

Backwoods Survival School will be making a totally traditional skin on frame curragh over the weekend and talking about hunter gatherer skills. 

Northlight Heritage will bring along a couple of rowing machines and will be talking about the rebuilding of the West Boathouse at Glasgow Green. 

On shore there will be a whole raft of things to see and do, from examples of traditional wooden boats to music and films. We'll have crafts-people demonstrating their skills and techniques for adults and have-a-go activities for children. There'll be art, songs and chat! 

And if all that isn't enough we'll have delicious food, and a range of high quality makers selling beautiful Glasgow made objects.